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At Unity, as it states a one team to deliver the best in our industry to our market. 2016 was the launching; on the coast of the Red sea, we began as a medical equipment company that offers all solutions for physiotherapy clinics and practices. As small as we started we had the enthusiasm and will to compete and achieve goals. Our main assets are the clients’ satisfaction and our Unity family. December 2019, Unity family has decided that it is time to get deeper in another promising industry beauty and cosmetics.


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Our vision is to lead the market with quality products, and keep the essence of partnership with our suppliers as a priority.
As well we want to leave a mark in our clients life once we engage them to use our products.

Our Values

We stand by the customer; we look for the end user satisfaction. Integrity and business ethics are the keys for a successful company.

We don’t sell products; we build relationships and human trust. If we are working to be your partner, we will do our best to make our relationship last.


Unity is committed to delivering the highest quality medical equipment, and beauty products. Qualified staff and continuous training for our team and to our clientele is one of our main keys of success.

We are very committed to control the quality of our sales and marketing operations in order to achieve the goals we draw to ourselves and benefit the maximum from the generous market we are in.


We represent exclusively many companies and brands , and we have established over 4 years a solid position in the industry of physiotherapy medical equipments and devices

Our Achievenments level is rising steady and smoothly to help many clients in both the medical field and the beauty field through a perfect strategy that can be called a journey of success.

Success Partners

Our Clients